University Subsidiary Companies: new short video series

15 November 2022      Amanda Darley, Head of Operations and Engagement

We've just launched a set of four short videos to help you manage your subsidiary companies. The video series looks at:

  1. Whether you need a new subsidiary company (5 minutes)
  2. How to set up a new subsidiary company (5 minutes)
  3. Whether you could reduce the number of subsidiaries you have (3 minutes)
  4. How to close down a subsidiary company (5 minutes)

The animated videos go over questions you might have about managing, and perhaps rationalising, your subsidiaries. With the cost of managing, auditing and servicing subsidiary companies so high now, it makes sense to consider when you really need a subsidiary, and if you do, does it need to be a separate one. The videos also cover considerations if you have concluded that you could reduce the number of subsidiary companies your university owns.

You can watch all the videos, or just select one or more covering questions relevant to you. For those who may have difficulty reading the text in the videos (there is no audio/speech, only music), we have created video transcripts you can read/access via a screenreader.

With thanks to Harriet Latham of the University of Glasgow for providing the video content, and to Joni and Amanda for creating them.

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