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Account-Ability Ltd


Monday Power Hour

As Finance Director in an era of profound change you need your budgeting, planning, and reporting processes to be ‘best-of-breed’. Spreadsheets are not the answer. They are inefficient, vulnerable and sustain ‘silo working’.

Over 40 institutions use Account-Ability’s award winning Corporate Planner solutions. They are fully scalable, from one to 250+ users with client, web & dashboard access and on premise and Cloud hosting options.

Our ‘Finance Directors’ Toolkit’ contains ‘standard solutions’ which can be configured to your needs in as little as six days, including (i) I&E Budgeting & Management Reporting pack; (ii) Student Numbers & Income Planning; (iii) Pay and Workforce Planning; (iv) TRAC and RAM; (v) Programme & Module Costing; (vi) Research and Enterprise Planning; (vii) Integrated I&E, B/S, C/F Planning. Even fully bespoke solutions take less than 20 days.

Book an appointment with us if planning, income, costing & performance is important for your institution.

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Branded Notebooks

At EY we focus on the improvements in service delivery that we support our clients to achieve, sharing insights that make a real difference. We are delighted to be working with BUFDG as the new SORP development partners and our commitment to, and continuing investment in, the higher education sector is proving of great benefit to our clients. We would be pleased to share with delegates our latest insights and knowledge from our sector coverage.




Insight Investment


Conference Umbrellas

Insight is one of the UK’s leading sterling cash managers with over £35bn of assets under management in money market funds and enhanced cash strategies[1]. Risk management is at the core of what we do and as a group we focus predominantly on de-risking and core fixed income strategies. Cash management is changing with regulation having a noticeable impact. Although it is causing a number of headwinds such as falling yields, it is also creating opportunity and opening up new approaches that historically have not been available. Insight is at the forefront of this innovation and is working with a number of university finance directors and their treasury teams to help them successfully navigate the ever-evolving cash management landscape.

[1] Insight ranked third in £ MMF assets for Insight Liquidity Fund. Assets under management (AUM) data shown as of 31 December 2017 and represented by the value of cash securities and other economic exposure managed for clients.

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Conference Dinner and Drinks Reception

At Uliving we have a track record of securing the right kind of investment for our university partners and delivering great places to live which in turn support growth and retention plans. Since 2012 we have secured over £330M through innovative funding solutions for accommodation projects which in turn have delivered new off balance sheet accommodation and a capital receipt direct to our University partners.

We believe in what we do, putting our own equity into projects at the outset. University partners, also have the opportunity to share in the ongoing success of the accommodation developed by injecting equity if they wish.

To date we have delivered over 5000 student homes we would love to meet with you.

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