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Accommodation Provider

Balfour Beatty


Balfour Beatty links with universities in a number of ways. Importantly, as a leading developer, investor, builder and operator of on campus purpose built student accommodation and academic facilities - working in long term partnerships with universities.

The opportunity to learn and share information at the BUFDG conference is invaluable to us to make a positive contribution to the success of the Higher Education sector, the universities that operate within it and to enhance the student experience. We collaborate relentlessly, both with our partner universities and also internally across our business work streams, in order to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

We are also a sponsor and promoter of students at university through the provision of bursaries, sponsorships and subsidised rooms. In addition, we are a keen supporter of career fairs and recruit over 100 new graduates into the business each year.



Campus Living Villages


As the only student accommodation provider working across six countries, we specialise in creating tailored student communities that suit the unique culture of each campus, university or city, we work with.

Working with campus master plans, we deliver tailored solutions that allow institutions to provide quality accommodation created specifically for the unique demographic of each campus.

Our experienced in-house teams deliver financing, tax, legal and development options specific to each project, as well as extensive design and project management expertise. This includes helping our partners find on and off balance sheet solutions which enables them to develop state-of-the-art student accommodation, as well as investing, developing and improving its core academic buildings.

We believe our substantial experience working with universities and proudly housing around 45,000 students, we can provide a valuable insight for Finance Directors at the 2018 BUFDG Conference.



Osborne Student Accommodation


Osborne are specialist providers of student accommodation. We understand that, in a competitive marketplace, access to high quality, affordable accommodation plays an important part in supporting the strategic goals of academic institutions.

Student recruitment, retention and satisfaction can all be influenced by the living experience and so we aim to create structures and spaces where students can thrive.

Alongside our work with university clients, we also develop and operate our own student accommodation and so we understand those factors which combine to maximise the student experience.

We can therefore offer Finance Directors access to in-depth knowledge about the entire student accommodation journey from strategic planning, land acquisition, building design and navigating the planning system through to funding options, construction, delivery and operation.

Whatever drivers are underpinning the need for accommodation, we aim to build strong, long lasting relationships with our partners based upon a genuine understanding of their business needs.

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Great student accommodation is a powerful attractor to both prospective students and investors. Finding the optimal solution that delivers a great student experience and is attractive to investors can be challenging.

At Uliving we have a track record of securing the right kind of investment for our university partners and delivering great places to live which in turn support growth and retention plans. Since 2012 we have secured over £330M through innovative funding solutions for accommodation projects which in turn have delivered new off balance sheet accommodation and a capital receipt direct to our University partners.

We believe in what we do, putting our own equity into projects at the outset. University partners, also have the opportunity to share in the ongoing success of the accommodation developed by injecting equity if they wish.

To date we have delivered over 5000 student homes we would love to meet with you.

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Unite Students


A successful student experience is underpinned by a safe home, where students can feel as though they belong. We would be happy to talk with you about any aspect of your accommodation strategy and share our insight and 27 years’ experience of operating, developing and financing purpose built student accommodation. Unite Students is the UK’s largest and most established manager and developer of purpose-built student accommodation. It provides a home for around 50,000 students, in more than 140 properties, across 28 leading university cities in England and Scotland. Unite works in partnership with more than 60 Higher Education institutions, both on campus or directly to their respective students. Unite’s purpose is to provide a home to its culturally-diverse customers, offering them a strong foundation for academic and personal success. Accommodation is high quality, safe and close to university campuses, transport links and local amenities.






BDO has built its client base in HEIs from acting for just two HEIs 15 years ago to acting for over 50 BUFDG members today. We are external auditors to 19 members and provide internal audit services to a further 17. We act for others across a range of services (eg forensics, due diligence (incl FECs), governance, data, tax and advisory). James Aston, BDO’s National Head of Education, will be attending the Power Hour and will be pleased to discuss any aspect of our service offer.



Deloitte LLP


Deloitte’s Global Higher Education Team works in partnership with University leaders and staff to shape and deliver sustainable strategies and plans and help them to deliver transformational change. With over 2,000 dedicated education practitioners collaborating across 52 countries in 5 continents, Deloitte’s global expertise provides access to international insights, leading practice in technology and innovation, and niche subject matter expertise.  We have a rich and diverse portfolio of clients across our auditing and tax practices are our consulting practice specialises in the student experience, organisational design, digital operating model design, technology and business case development.

Deloitte are known and recognised by governments, providers and the education supply chain as The Firm who understand their business and can be trusted to work with them on their most challenging and important issues to make a difference that matters.




At EY we focus on the improvements in service delivery that we support our clients to achieve, sharing insights that make a real difference. We are delighted to be working with BUFDG as the new SORP development partners and our commitment to, and continuing investment in, the higher education sector is proving of great benefit to our clients. We would be pleased to share with delegates our latest insights and knowledge from our sector coverage.



FISCAL Technologies


According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2016 Report to the Nations, a typical organisation loses 5% of its revenues to fraud each year. Protecting the organisation from increasing levels of fraud is an additional role that purchase-to-pay (P2P) departments are now expected to perform, acting as a key line of defence in an overall anti-fraud strategy. The problem is, AP teams don’t have the time or the expertise needed to carry out extensive audits. FISCAL Technologies AP Forensics® solution helps P2P departments protect organisational spend by conducting multiple internationally-recognised fraud tests on transactions and master supplier file entries, and produces a summary report which scores and ranks unusual or potentially fraudulent activities. Now P2P and AP teams have a comprehensive, evidence-based rundown of potential high-risk suppliers or transactions at their fingertips to be able to join forces with Internal Audit, creating a strong partnership to fight fraud.



Grant Thornton UK LLP


Grant Thornton advocates shaping a vibrant economy – one which realises the shared potential of businesses, cities, people and communities across the UK – where no one is left behind. An economy which builds on our strengths to meet our challenges and prepares us for tomorrow.

Good things happen when people come together. By bringing together and engaging with thousands of individuals from a range of organisations, a variety of sectors, across a number of communities in the UK, we help generate ideas and realise opportunities, stimulate innovation and create social and economic value.

As business advisers we are committed to bringing about positive change by pooling resources and sharing opportunities and skills; building stronger bridges between businesses and education providers to create tomorrow’s workforce; and to create places that support sustainable economic growth and are better communities in which to live and work.


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KPMG worked with over 130 Universities last year. This in itself would not be significant if we did not work as a single team, bringing our insights together to build up a picture of not only the challenges facing Universities but the potential solutions

This insight is informed by our wider work in FE; with schools and private providers and the wider issues of skills in place. And of course from our extensive corporate client base.

We are talking to Universities about a huge breadth of issues: as well as fundamental risk and assurance; major change and IT projects; data and insight; International expansion and growth; size and shape reviews; funding and financing; commercial activity and their role in place and the skills agenda.

Having visibility across all of these issues means our conversations are both rich but also grounded in a thorough understanding of the sector.


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Bank / Payment Intermediary



Reasons to meet Barclays during the Power Hour:

The breadth of Barclays’ offering across the HE Sector:

•             Working across Corporate, Investment and Private Banking, we compliment clients’ existing financial team by bringing together the products that meet the needs of the sector.

•             Investment management for the HE sector, incorporating your short and medium term cash management strategies and long term strategic priorities.

•             We understand the complexities of your funding cycles, can work with you on liquidity management and longer term strategic investments.

•             We can help manage endowments and help make cash raised in bond finance work ahead of planned capital expenditure.

We have a detailed understanding of the wider issues affecting the HE sector and contribute regularly to thought leadership.

We have a detailed understanding of the wider issues affecting the entire business community, such as cyber fraud and digitisation and can connect delegates to our network of experts.


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Elavon Merchant Services


When it comes to payment solutions, working with a trusted partner makes all the difference. Elavon has been a leader in processing payments for over twenty five years, leveraging the world’s best technologies for our customers, from large worldwide enterprises like universities to locally-owned small businesses. We provide powerful payment solutions for all payment types and processing environments.

We are consistently rated by Nilson among the top five global payment providers and our internationally recognized processing platform and end-to-end processing capabilities provides confidence to businesses around the world.

At Elavon we help students pay easily and securely in a choice of home currencies, allowing universities to provide the best student experience possible.

Our leading and flexible payment technologies, including Contactless, allow payments to be taken anywhere within the university.

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Flywire is the leading provider of global payment solutions for the education industry, providing processing, tracking and reconciliation services for 1,300+ educational institutions worldwide. The company offers an easy-to-use, economical payment experience for international students from over 200 countries and territories. Using local bank transfers, online payments, and credit cards denominated in local currencies, students can easily and confidently pay for their international education expenses at educational institutions worldwide. Flywire’s discounted currency conversion rates offer significant savings compared to home-market banks and credit card providers and the company offers outstanding customer service for both students and universities.


Global Payments


Global Payments is a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services delivering innovative solutions for the facilitation of card payments. We provide a variety of features to support institutions in collecting payments including:

- Preferential Rates

- Card Terminals around campus

- Online gateway (Realex Payments) for online

- Online reporting

- Dedicated Account Management

Global Payments are dedicated to supporting the Higher Education/Further Education sector. Among other services, we’ve been providing Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to institutions for years. Our recent development involves the introduction of DCC to Recurring Card Payments. This enables the cardholder to not only pay for the first transaction in their own currency but also the continuation of payments. This is an exclusive offering provided by Global Payments. To find out more about how we can support your institution, please select to see Jooles Watson Strategic Partnership Manager, Global Payments at the BUFDG Power Hour.




With an established history spanning 150 years, HSBC’s global network is complemented by dedicated sector specialists, local expertise and a full range of banking solutions. Our proposition enables us to partner with our customers across borders, industries and products. We have been recognised globally through a number of recent awards, inclusive of our leading student bank account. We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your financing and banking needs as well as mutually beneficial areas such as University Business Collaboration, Enterprise & Innovation, Talent, Student Experience & outcomes.


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Lloyds Bank


At Lloyds Bank our specialist Higher Education team works comprehensively with over 120 UK Higher Education Institutions, including 21 members of the Russell Group.

We have considerable knowledge of the sector and maintain close ties with sector bodies including:

• Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)

• British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG)

• Russell Group

Our dedicated team has established a reputation as a highly effective and reliable banking partner and is committed to adding value through knowledge sharing and ideas on best practice.

We are one of the main lenders to the Higher Education sector and have a deep understanding of the changing regulatory environment and the importance of a flexible, value-for-money approach.

Come and talk to us at BUFDG 2018 and find out how we support the Higher Education Sector – including every University across the North East and Yorkshire – with a comprehensive range of financial services.





“At NatWest we have a single, simple purpose – to serve customers well.

We’ve supported the higher education sector for over 100 years. It’s given us a real appreciation for the constantly evolving needs of customers and what they need from their bank.

Our team understands the higher education sector. We have over 30 Relationship Managers across the UK working closely with our customers and advising not only on traditional banking issues: funding and optimisation of capital structures (on and off Balance Sheet / SPV structures etc), and treasury management but also areas such as:

- support for students and student spin our businesses,

- sustainability,

- procurement,

- IT resilience and

- diversification of income streams

By taking advantage of our dedicated client services, you’ll have the time to concentrate on what matters most: delivering world class student experience, meeting your strategic objectives and nurturing the next generation of talent.”


Salix Finance



Salix Finance is a not for profit, publicly funded company dedicated to delivering interest-free loans for energy efficiency projects across the public sector. Salix is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the DfE, Scottish Government and the Welsh Government, and has worked as a funding partner with HEFCE. To date, Salix has funded over 15,500 projects with 1,800 public sector bodies, valued at £563.5 million. This is estimated to save the public sector over £136 million and reduce public sector carbon dioxide emissions by 694,414 tonnes* each year. Salix welcome the opportunity to deliver guidance and information on funding opportunities for Universities to implement cost neutral energy efficiency projects and deliver a sustainable estates strategy. Salix has extensive experience of funding over £130 million of energy efficiency projects in around 100 Higher Education Institutes across England.


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At Santander, we recognise the importance of the education sector to the intellectual capital and growth of the UK economy. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector enables dedicated and experienced specialists to offer tailored solutions, meeting the strategic aims and objectives of Universities by converting aspirations into reality, through day-to-day banking, estate development, working capital and asset finance, international and risk management solutions.

In conjunction with this Santander, through Santander Universities, works to encourage the international exchange of students and lecturers, to facilitate access to university for economically underprivileged students and to promote specialist research and education through postgraduate scholarships. We also focus on developing an enterprising culture throughout institutions and work closely with partners to solve local challenges through the funding we provide. Santander has collaborated with universities for over 20 years on a unique global initiative which distinguishes it from other national and international banks and financial institutions.



WPM Education



WPM Education is helping the education sector rethink and transform the way they accept payments. Through unique sector knowledge and close collaboration, we can help institutions work smarter to deliver a better payment experience.


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Western Union Business Solutions



Western Union Business Solutions is a global leader in international payment solutions to the education sector. We work with more than 150 UK higher education institutions to enable them to make and receive international payments, facilitate receipt and disbursement of US Federal and Private Loan payments and manage cross-currency risk. This year, we revamped our online tuition payment system, GlobalPay for Students, significantly improving the student payment experience. The platform enables universities to achieve their financial objectives by helping them save cost on merchant service fees, short payment write-offs and the human resource cost of reconciliation, whilst also improving the student experience by enhancing the user experience and widening their choice of payment options through our unmatched network of Alternate Payment Methods, such as AliPay, Trustly etc.




Debt Collectors

STA International


132,000 student debts placed: £88M collected to help boost working capital for university finance directors. Most of the debt is for past students and provided for as bad debt. Despite this, we collect 95% amicably and charge only for monies recovered, with only 5% reaching legal action where additional charges can apply.

81% of all foreign student collections made are by us from the UK, with less than one in five recovered by our overseas offices and agents. Limited use of agents saves universities the extra cost and time involved.

With the ‘student experience' and university reputation high on the agenda, STA understands the need to treat your customers fairly: we are FCA authorised and regulated; ISO9001 quality accredited and CSA corporate accredited.

In addition, we facilitate eight ‘University Discussion Forums' a year for your finance teams to share experiences with finance colleagues from other universities.




UM Association Limited


25 years since its launch the Universities' mutual is the provider of choice to the majority of HEIs in the UK.

Our bespoke coverage, tailor-made for HEIs, risk management support and insurance related services are even more relevant in 2017.

We provide expert, one-stop, value for money solutions and comprehensive support services within an all-embracing package.

Dispense with broker fees, forego needless procurement costs and share in Member profits; our inclusive service can blend with existing in-house insurance provision or can provide a direct facility. Your choice.

Talk to us about a better way to protect your risks.


Zurich Municipal


At Zurich Municipal we have a deep understanding of the challenges, risks and opportunities that the education sector presents. We have worked in partnership with our customers over many years, connecting cultures across the public sector including; education, charities, health, housing associations, and public services. Because of this range of experience, we recognise that every University has its own individual needs and priorities which we draw upon to connect organisations. Our simple aim is to continue to develop our partnerships and provide a comprehensive and bespoke service that will meet an individual university's specific requirements. By working directly with our customers we seek to use our understanding of different communities and bring this together to provide them with the right risk and insurance support coupled with an experienced and truly dedicated claims operation when they need it.


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Investment Manager / Adviser

Aberdeen Standard Investments



Aberdeen Standard Investments is the largest active manager in the UK and the second largest in Europe, with £583bn of assets under management. *

With our scale and investment expertise, we have the capability to address the investment issues Finance Directors are facing on a day to day basis. Be it short term cash management via money market funds, or longer term allocations across private and public markets. In particular, our range of liquidity solutions seek not only to preserve the value of capital but also to provide investors with a return in excess of traditional bank deposits. Many institutional investors find this type of solution particularly attractive as it allows them to efficiently manage their working capital. A further advantage is that they can help to diversify their cash investments and therefore reduce risk.

* as at 31 Dec 2016


BGC Partners


BGC are a market leading global brokerage firm, employing over 8,000 people worldwide. Our goal is to introduce positive, dynamic solutions to our clients, by investing in technology and people. BGC’s Sterling Treasury Desk take forward this ethos, dealing in short term treasury products and working alongside customers on their long term borrowing requirements. We have the largest public sector dealing team in the market and with excellent market coverage, our speed of execution and expertise in providing access to the money and bond markets is second to none.

We understand our clients’ treasury objectives and utilise the scale of our business to offer the finest market rates. We offer the full suite of investment options that enable clients to mitigate credit, liquidity and interest rate risk: Cash Deposits, Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Paper, Treasury Bills, Gilts, Fixed/Floating Bonds (Corporate, Covered, Financial, Supranational), Repo, Interest Rate Swaps and Foreign Exchange.





At BlackRock, we partner with our cash clients to help find the right investment solutions to meet their unique liquidity needs. In Europe and the US, we offer a broad range of liquidity funds across currencies as well as customised accounts for large investors. We also offer ultra-short bond funds for those investors who are looking to move modestly out the yield curve.

Over multiple interest rate cycles and varying market conditions, BlackRock has managed cash portfolios for corporations, banks, foundations, insurance companies and public funds. As a leader in this asset class, BlackRock has US$449.9 billion* in global liquidity assets across multiple currencies. With one of the most experienced teams in the industry, BlackRock is able to offer clients an investment approach that has been tested through time and a variety of solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s cash investor.

* Data, as of 31 December 2017, is subject to change.



Cazenove Capital


Cazenove Capital is the largest charity investment manager in the UK. The team of 25 manages over £8bn charitable assets, including 180 universities, schools and education charities. We have a track record of generating strong risk adjusted returns with a commitment to responsible investing, supported by the investment resource at Schroders. Whether it be through a long term investment approach or our cash management service, we are confident that we can meet your university’s investment objectives and would be delighted to offer a complimentary initial strategy review.


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European Wealth


At European Investment Management we understand that University Finance Directors have a complex and demanding role and the management of surplus cash balances is often not a high priority, especially in the current low interest rate environment. However in what for many is a period of growing cash balances it is important to ensure cash is safe and working for the University, accepting poor bank account rates is no longer sufficient. We offer a comprehensive service to support your treasury function, investing cash in-line with your treasury management policy to ensure both security and yield as well as easy access to your funds when required. We build close working relationships with our clients and provide regular, detailed reports to help free up resource within the finance team. We can provide a clear overview in the power hour sessions so you can assess whether we could be of service to your University.


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Federated Investors (UK) LLP


Federated Investors (UK) is the London office of Federated Investors Inc., one of the largest investment managers in the US with over £250bn* assets under management. Specialising in FCA-authorised Qualifying Money Market Funds, Federated UK works with institutions covering several sectors, in particular the HE sector helping universities manage their liquidity cash flows and investments within TMP guidelines. Specifically designed for the secure investment of short-term cash, the Short-Term Sterling Prime Fund carries AAA ratings from Fitch and Standard & Poor’s. The Federated Sterling Cash Plus Fund, also AAA rated, is designed to provide secure management of longer-dated cash assets.



Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs - A Global Leader in University Financing and Investment

Managing over £4bn for UK Charities, Non-Profits and Universities, we specialise in:

• Asset-liability matched Treasury Portfolios - to provide a yield uplift over cash

• Global Endowment Strategies – an innovative approach to incorporating sustainability & ESG investing into the endowment, harnessing the lessons we’ve learnt from working with some of the largest US University endowments.

• Private Placements & Bond Issuance - leveraging our extensive investor base in the UK & US to secure the best pricing for those Universities interested in accessing the capital markets for estate development.

• Commercial Partnerships – we are interested in exploring wide ranging partnerships with Universities beyond financing and investment such patent commercialisation and sustainability research & thought leadership.



Insight Investment


Insight is one of the UK’s leading sterling cash managers with over £35b of assets under management in money market funds and enhanced cash strategies [1]. Risk management is at the core of what we do and as a group we focus predominantly on de-risking and core fixed income strategies. Cash management is changing with regulation having a noticeable impact. Although it is causing a number of headwinds such as falling yields, it is also creating opportunity and opening up new approaches that historically have not been available. Insight is at the forefront of this innovation and is working with a number of university finance directors and their treasury teams to help them successfully navigate the ever-evolving cash management landscape.


[1] Insight ranked third in £ MMF assets for Insight Liquidity Fund. Assets under management (AUM) data shown as of 31 December 2017 and represented by the value of cash securities and other economic exposure managed for clients.

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J.P. Morgan


We have a specialised team focused on Universities called the Endowments & Foundations Group who are trusted advisor for over £2.4BN* in assets in EMEA. This includes being an investment management partner with many prominent University clients, which make up 40% of our client base.

University clients in our experience often have unique drivers of their investment portfolios such as; capital preservation, higher income to facilitate spending short-term, or strong capital growth in real terms over a long-term investment horizon to fund new infrastructure and research facilities to enhance the student experience. All often incorporating an evolving sustainable investment policy. Therefore we aim to support University Finance teams consultatively to share our expertise and customise strategies relevant to their specific needs across both investment portfolios and borrowing solutions.

*As of 31st December 2017.


King & Shaxson Ltd


The financial crisis highlighted the importance of quality and liquidity with every investment portfolio. For many, the instruments that allow investors to achieve this were out of reach – not any more. Our free Custody Service has connected the wholesale bond and money markets to all investors including the Higher Education Sector, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Building Societies and Pension Funds, regardless of size.

In addition to our personalised service, our new online portal also provides a gateway to markets and products that will facilitate the managing of cash and fixed income portfolios. Connecting the culture of the markets to our clients, cutting through the jargon, we support our service by providing free one-to-one and group training, seminars and information as standard.

King & Shaxson is committed to a long term partnership and continues to innovate its products and services to ensure market leadership whilst providing the best service possible.



Legal & General Investment Management


Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) is one of Europe’s largest asset managers and a major global investor, with total assets under management of £951.1 billion*. LGIM works in partnership with finance directors to provide bespoke investment solutions ranging from cash management to both active and passive equity and fixed income strategies.

We put clients at the heart of our business and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for them whilst ensuring that risks are appropriately managed. LGIM plays an active role in the companies we invest in, from exercising shareholder voting rights to directly engaging with companies at a board level. By playing a part in shaping the businesses we invest in, we aim to unlock value for investors and shape the future and sustainability of financial markets.

*as at 30 June 2017, including derivative positions. These figures include assets managed by LGIMA, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.


Liontrust Asset Management


Liontrust is a specialist fund management company that was launched in 1995 and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1999. Our fund managers have the freedom to manage portfolios according to their own investment processes and market views without being distracted by other day-to-day aspects of running a business.

The Sustainable Investment Team, which have been managing the Sustainable Future Funds since launch in 2001, are experienced, have a robust investment process and have shown that sustainable investment can provide strong returns over the long term as well as meeting investors’ values. We have an external advisory committee that challenges the Team and offers guidance on evolving sustainable issues.

The Team discloses all holdings so there are no unpleasant surprises about what is in your portfolio. Through the Team’s voting and engagement on such issues as executive pay, human rights and environmental performance, your investments can have an impact.


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Mayfair Capital Investment Management


The Property Income Trust for Charities (PITCH) is a tax efficient unit trust designed for charity and exempt charitable bodies to invest across an institutional quality portfolio of UK commercial property, whilst preserving charities SDLT exemption from property purchases (5%). PITCH aims to deliver a relatively high and sustainable income yield whilst at least maintaining capital value in real terms over the economic cycle. PITCH operates both ethical and environmental policies and seeks to be a socially responsible investor.

Over 1,3 and 5 years PITCH has out-performed* its Charity Exempt Fund peers. The £529m Fund has 56 properties across its portfolio with c. 1,000 investors. Many investors are drawn from the educational sector including leading Universities and Colleges who choose PITCH for its combination of an attractive income distribution yield and diversification from the other main asset classes.

(*Source Mayfair Capital at 30.9.17)

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Rathbone Investment Management


Rathbones is one of the fastest growing managers of charities and University assets in the UK. We are open to organisations of all shapes and sizes and do not limit ourselves to the very largest. We are much more than an investment provider. Helping your trustees and management team to fulfil their obligations and maintain an awareness of best practice is an important part of our relationship with universities.

We have trained over 3000 charity trustees, many of whom are Finance Directors, in recent years. This includes University specific training on the subject of Fossil Fuel Divestment where we have engaged directly with Finance Directors of universities and colleges.

We can actively help your students. As part of our culture of giving something back, the Rathbone Financial Awareness programme is aimed at 16-24 year olds and we train some 2000 students per annum across the UK.



Regent Investment Management London


Looking to help universities access the value of their real estate through long term, sale & leaseback arrangements.



Royal London Asset Management


Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) is one of the UK's leading fund management companies. RLAM has built a strong reputation as an innovative manager, investing across all major asset classes, seeking to deliver consistent long-term outperformance. RLAM offer a broad range of investment strategies across a range of asset classes including cash, equities, fixed income, property and absolute return, with a market leading capability in sustainable investing.

RLAM has been managing assets for various institutions, including universities, since its establishment in 1988. Our institutional business development team and Fund Managers understand the particular needs of universities and have developed investment solutions to fit their needs. We believe in the added long-term value of active fund management and are recognised for the wealth of experience we bring to managing our clients' funds. Our focus is firmly set on achieving the best possible returns for those who entrust us with their assets.


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Sarasin & Partners


Sarasin & Partners manages investments for over 400 charities worth £6.3bn*, including a number of educational establishments. We have worked in partnership with universities and Oxbridge colleges for over 25 years, presenting to a range of academics, financial executives and investment-wise alumni. As many of our team are trustees in their own right and having trained over 4,500 trustees and executives we understand the issues that universities and business schools have to contend with.

Uncertainties ahead include an end to the multi-decade bull market in bonds, over-stretched equity valuations, rising inflation, a political move to the left, the impact of MIFID II on investment managers and in terms of connecting cultures, the need to address climate change and a world that simply has to ‘decarbonise’. With loud voices pushing for wholesale ‘divestment’, we feel a more academically robust approach where divestment and engagement go hand-in-hand will serve most universities better.

*As at 30/09/17


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Smith & Williamson


Smith & Williamson is an independent partnership majority owned by partners and staff providing investment, tax, accountancy, financial advisory and banking services to non-profit organisations, corporates, private clients and professional practices across the UK and Ireland.

Our investment management business has approximately £19.2 billion of funds under management and advice, of which over £1.9 billion is in respect of charitable funds (as at 30 June 2017).

We actively manage a significant number of investment portfolios for universities and educational charities as well as providing tax advice and a range of other financial services to the sector nationally. Consequently, we believe that selecting us for a Power Hour meeting would give an FD a unique perspective across a broad range of issues.

sandwcharities@smithandwilliamson.com or call 020 7131 4200.

Please remember the value of investments can go down as well as up and you may not receive back the original amount invested.

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Mills & Reeve LLP


Mills & Reeve is a leading provider of legal services to clients in the education and charity sector for all their UK and international activities.

We are regularly involved in some of the most innovative work in the sector and are market leaders in the field of Higher Education Finance.

Beyond education, our clients are involved in most areas of the local and national economy. These include substantial, mid-market and technology businesses, banks and finance companies, health sector bodies, major insurers, organisations in the agriculture and food sector, property developers and a range of public bodies.

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Pinsent Masons


Pinsent Masons' team of more than 150 Universities lawyers are based in offices across Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific and have a wealth of expertise at your disposal.

Our commercial, bold approach has made us a top adviser to over 60 universities.

We are a full-service provider specialising in transformational change, finance matters, pensions, property advice and managing projects such as private sector partnering for student accommodation and setting up branch campuses in other jurisdictions, as well as complex governance and constitutional advice. Finance Directors should choose us for a Power Hour slot as we are an established and mature team that has worked within the sector for many years. We share our knowledge and experience providing insight into a multitude of issues facing the sector including student accommodation structures, investments into private placements and bonds, and advice on current pensions' issues (including issues affecting the Universities Superannuation Scheme).




Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV) is a commercial UK law firm acting for clients nationally from offices in London, Watford, Birmingham and Bristol.

We are a leading adviser to higher education institutions and are recognised in Legal 500 and the Chambers & Partners Directory being top ranked in education.

We are the top ranked firm under the One Stop Shop Lot of the National Legal Services Framework 2017.

Our higher education team is well-known for finding pragmatic and commercial solutions with a focus on helping clients understand and manage risk. Our understanding of the higher education sector is enhanced by secondments to university clients, engagement with sector organisations and in governance roles undertaken by partners at both chartered and modern universities.

We advise higher education clients on all aspects of their operations including international projects, procurement and state aid, funding arrangements, employment, real estate, student issues, governance and charity law.


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Finalysis UK Limited


Finalysis has been a leading banking and treasury consultancy for the sector for fifteen years. We have attended the BUFDG conference since 2004 and for three years have produced the popular BUFDG Treasury Newsletter. We recently reached a milestone, with our 100th University client.

Our Banking and Treasury Reviews are considered key “Value for Money” exercises, whilst our specialist knowledge has proved invaluable in supporting Tenders primarily for banking and card acquiring; with over 30 acquiring tenders in the past six years.

Our Debt Advisory work has raised over £1.5bn. Either ‘new money’, where the best deal is solicited from the market or ‘re-finance’, where portfolio evaluation is followed by re-structure through the market or a bilateral agreement.

Recently, we have seen an increase in Investment Benchmarking and Treasury Management Policy Reviews, as the sector focuses on improving the return on surplus cash and the impact of bank ring fencing.


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JLL Higher Education is a specialist team, dedicated to the sector. We provide strategic property advice to universities, and have a track record in unlocking problems for clients. We have particular experience in student housing partnerships and work closely with our Student Housing team to deliver innovative and affordable solutions to universities. We help our clients by producing estate strategies, demand studies, business cases, option appraisals, feasibility studies, and assist with delivery by pulling together the full spectrum of JLL’s technical property advice and services. Our project management and planning teams deliver challenging and complex schemes. Our clients trust our independence and many have subsequently re-instructed us to advise on further, diverse projects.

JLL is a leading professional services firm that specialises in real estate and investment management. In the UK we have nearly 7,000 members of staff in 30+ office locations, and globally we have nearly 300 corporate offices, operations in over 80 countries and a global workforce of more than 78,000.


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QMPF is at the forefront of financial advice in higher education, with a 15 year track record of successful delivery.  We are specialists in our field and understand the context of our precise, insightful advice.

In the last 12 months we have completed seven student accommodation partnership transactions delivering c7,000 beds and are advising on over 6,500 beds currently in procurement. We have also arranged c£200m in loans and private placements, and advised Swansea University on its international pathways joint venture with Navitas.

We believe sharing our knowledge helps disseminate best practice among Universities and can enhance market appetite. Recent activities have included: 

  • Presentations to BUFDG Regional Groups
  • Contribution to the BUFDG / AUDE “Funding Construction Toolkit”
  • Chairing sessions at Education Investor’s Property in Education Conference
  • Various presentations to private sector partners, investors and funders
  • Presenting on student accommodation at the Westminster Higher Education Conference.


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Sannam S4 Ltd


Sannam S4 is a specialist higher education consultancy working in 20 emergent, developing and mature markets, including India, China, USA, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, UAE and Brazil. To date Sannam S4 has worked with more than 250 institutions, membership bodies, governments, NGOs and companies.

The Financial Consulting practice is particularly highly sought after by the Ivy League institutions (working with five of the top six universities in the world), high street brands and FTSE 500s.

The Education Division’s strength lies in being practitioner-led; every member of the leadership team has worked hands-on in the sector. Sannam S4’s 50 current education clients come from eight countries and the company works with four national governments.

Our principals have first-hand UK higher education experience of risk and reputation management, managing student recruitment volatility, target delivery, accurate revenue projection and protection, diversifying international activity, and navigating tax and compliance issues.


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Helping universities improve performance and student outcomes. We’re still 'best in class' – with 20 years’ benchmarking experience, Tribal helps universities worldwide to improve financial performance while improving student outcomes.

• Use Tribal Benchmarking to measure performance and drive continuous improvement.

• Experienced consultants. Our experienced consultants work on site with you to categorise all income and costs according to our “function driven” benchmarking model.

• You can trust the data. The benchmarking model overcomes the different organisational structures that exist between institutions by examining how key functions are delivered. This approach guarantees “like for like” comparison against the other institutions in our extensive databank.

• Unrivalled detail. The outputs of the process are around 750 objective measurements of performance and productivity across all operational areas of your university.

• New online results portal: clients are saying it really does “bring the results to life”.

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TUCO (The University Caterers' Organisation) Ltd


TUCO is the leading professional membership body for higher and further education caterers. Under our four cornerstones of Share, Learn, Buy and Grow we support our members through:

• the sharing of best practice

• skills development opportunities

• the power of group purchasing / sourcing

• insight and research-driven innovation and advice

At TUCO, we are passionate about highlighting and recognising the high skill-level within the industry. We work with our members to build a stronger, bigger and brighter workforce, through initiatives such as the TUCO Skills Competition and the TUCO Academy.

Industry-leading frameworks and new initiatives such as TUCO Online – our new e-procurement system – have opened-up a wealth of opportunities for our members. These enable them to get the best value from suppliers of all sizes, to recruit skilled employees and to future-proof their business for the changing environmental and competitive landscape.



Internet Service Provider



StudentCom, part of the CableCom Group, is the leading provider of managed Internet services for Higher Education accommodation. We are trusted experts in our field and have proven results across many of the top ranked universities and commercial accommodation providers. Our service is delivered to over 300,000 residents, across more than 1,000 accommodation blocks and 600 different locations.

Our knowledge covers every part of the student experience, including how they communicate, how they use the Internet, the content that engages them and the utilities they need. Unlike our competitors, we tailor our products and services to meet the specific needs of individual sectors. Whether it’s a university or student accommodation, the private rented sector or the growing leisure sector, we’ve got a perfect solution.




Moody's Public Sector Europe


The global comparability of the Moody’s ratings assigned by MPSE can help European public service providers such as regional and local governments, universities, hospitals and housing associations expand their financing options and gain greater access to domestic and international debt capital markets.

An international team of experienced analysts puts MPSE at the forefront of identifying significant credit trends across the European public sector. MPSE regularly publishes insightful, in-depth, and independent credit analysis as well as thought leadership, both in English and several other European languages.

Moody’s covers over 550 colleges and universities’ ratings in 6 countries, blends the reach of our global resources with our local expertise. Moody’s publicly rates and monitors 55 entities in the United Kingdom, including 7 universities, 41 housing associations, four local authorities, two government-related issuers and one not-for-profit.



The Energy Consortium


TEC are energy experts and procurement professionals working predominately in the Higher Education Sector. We are a Contracting Authority owned by our members. TEC deliver services in energy procurement, risk and cost management, data reporting on a not for profit basis.
We understand the requirements of our members and guide them into making an informed decision on their energy options taking into account their needs in managing energy consumption, finance and carbon across their estate assets.
Our members have voting rights on both the governance and policy of TEC, and thus can fully trust in the transparency of the management and that policy decisions are taken with the benefit to the membership as a key priority.




Barnett Waddingham


We provide comprehensive pensions, risk management and workplace heath and wealth consultancy services to a broad range of clients - our pensions offering spans actuarial, administration, investment, defined contribution and taxation consultancy.

The firm has grown steadily since its foundation in 1989 with a headcount today of over 900. We pride ourselves on being wholly owned and managed by our 66 partners across seven offices in the UK.

Our dedicated HE team are industry experts. Our specialists have over 20 years of knowledge and experience providing pension scheme and employer services to more than 20 clients in the sector. We are committed to maintaining our position as industry experts in this sector.


Mercer Limited


Mike Harrison, Rebecca Dodd and Kevin Painter from Mercer’s Higher Education Group are at the forefront of Higher Education pensions change in 2018:

  •         Supporting with USS education and consultation programmes including union meetings; all-staff education programmes; and senior team briefings.
  •         Managing down pension scheme costs and risks including mergers; benefit changes; risk transfers; non-cash funding solutions; LGPS exits; best-in-class DC implementation; and fiduciary management.
  •         Advising – universities, RemCos and individuals – on “pensions tax” and the implications for senior post-holders including our hugely popular “pensions surgeries”.

We designed the sector wide DC scheme “UCRSS”; are running the USS consultation roadshows in March to May this year; and have been appointed by the London Pensions Consortium to work with higher earners across the capital’s universities.

We’d love to have a chat with you; share some of our experiences; and show how we can add massive value for your University and for your colleagues.


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Account-Ability Ltd


As Finance Director in an era of profound change you need your budgeting, planning, and reporting processes to be ‘best-of-breed’. Spreadsheets are not the answer. They are inefficient, vulnerable and sustain ‘silo working’.

Over 40 institutions use Account-Ability’s award winning Corporate Planner solutions. They are fully scalable, from one to 250+ users with client, web & dashboard access and on premise and Cloud hosting options.

Our ‘Finance Directors’ Toolkit’ contains ‘standard solutions’ which can be configured to your needs in as little as six days, including (i) I&E Budgeting & Management Reporting pack; (ii) Student Numbers & Income Planning; (iii) Pay and Workforce Planning; (iv) TRAC and RAM; (v) Programme & Module Costing; (vi) Research and Enterprise Planning; (vii) Integrated I&E, B/S, C/F Planning. Even fully bespoke solutions take less than 20 days.

Book an appointment with us if planning, income, costing & performance is important for your institution.

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Oracle, a global provider of enterprise cloud computing, is empowering businesses of all sizes on their journey of digital transformation.

Today, 430,000 customers in 175 countries use Oracle technologies to seize business opportunities and solve real, tangible challenges. Oracle’s new Cloud based applications for Financial Management, HCM and Student Management are allowing the business to take control of their future, rather than being reliant on their IT colleagues.

Developed from the ground up as a true Saas application including mobile, users can now access not only the application but also the embedded business intelligence from anywhere they like. The embedded modern business practices are helping to transform the finance function, reduce the low value transactional based activities and allow finance to be more strategic and deliver value to the Institution. An increasing number of UK Universities are embracing the capabilities of Oracle’s Cloud solutions including University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, Durham University and Derby University. 


Pay360 by Capita


Pay360 by Capita has over 16 years’ experience providing secure payment services designed to improve how and where people make payments.

Working with all face-to-face, online, app and telephone payment channels, our modular solutions are used extensively across the education sector including universities, colleges and schools, helping to reduce costs, improve cash flow, maximise sales opportunities and enhance the student experience.

New to our Higher Education portfolio for 2018 is a flexible e-Shop, allowing universities to build their own online store to take payments for a range of services such as selling merchandise, booking a field trip, through to paying for accommodation and short courses. It also provides clear, automated reports, giving you a complete financial picture.

Pay360 services a wide array of clients ranging from government to blue chip retailers, and in 2016 processed over 225 million card payments valued at over £9.5bn.

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Science Warehouse


At Science Warehouse, we have been pioneering higher education procurement for over 17 years and our vision is to be ‘the B2B spend management platform of choice, driven by people, experience and technology.’ We have now grown and forged our place as the chosen university wide B2B spend management solution. Our solutions are currently used by over 30 universities and 120,000 users.

We work with buying organisations in the higher education sector to deliver better cost management for their organisation and we work with Suppliers to strengthen their business relationships with their Buyers. Our Supplier Onboarding Module allows for new Suppliers to easily join our network and start trading with Buyers quickly.

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TouchNet is a pioneer and the Global leader in delivering innovative financial technology to Higher Education. Since 1989, universities have relied on TouchNet to unify and secure payments and commercial transactions campuswide. TouchNet helps institutions save, make, and manage money more effectively by giving them greater control over transactions, costs, and compliance while providing greater operational efficiencies and self-service access to real-time information. We would welcome meeting with you to provide an insight in to how over 500 universities have benefited from working with TouchNet, who since 2016 are a Global Payments company.


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