The Counter-Fraud Toolkit is a collection of HE-specific, counter-fraud resources produced by the Counter-Fraud Working Group and a range of collaborators from across the sector.

It is offered on a creative commons license, which means it can be edited, copied, photocopied, and redistributed for use within your institution.

The toolkit will be expanded as new resources are produced. Click on the links below to download the current resources individually, or to download the complete toolkit as a whole. 


Complete Toolkit files

Complete Toolkit (PDF) double-sided (for duplex printing)

Complete Toolkit (PDF) single-sided (for ordinary printing)

Part Toolkit (PDF) black and white (just the elements of the toolkit, such as the policies and guides, that are best printed in black and white)

Part Toolkit (PDF) colour (just the elements of the toolkit, such as the posters, that are best printed in colour)


Individual Toolkit files (for editing)

Miscellaneous pages

Title page

Contents page

Terms of Use

Quick-reference grid

Further resources


Contact Information


Brief Introductory Guides

A (brief) Introduction to Fraud in Higher Education

Introduction to Information Security

Considering Cyber-Insurance

Setting up a Fraud Forum


Sample Policies

Counter-Fraud Policy

Anti-Bribery and Corruption (AB&C) Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Combined Whistle-blowing Policy and Procedures


In-Depth Briefings

An (expanded) Introduction to Fraud in Higher Education

Managing Fraud and Risk in Construction Projects

Managing Fraud Risks Overseas



Self-assessment checklist

Generic fraud risks in HE


Posters (A4)

What is fraud?

Who commits fraud?

The university needs your help


If you have any questions or feedback regarding the toolkit, please email Matt, or ring him on 01509 228852.



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