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Action Learning Sets 2018-2019

Action Learning Sets are a powerful development experience for senior leaders. It brings people together to exchange, support and challenge each other in action and learning. BUFDG is partnering with AUDE, UHR, UCISA, SCONUL, HESPA and ARMA to offer Action Learning Sets to staff at Deputy Director level or equivalent.

What is an Action Learning Set?

An Action Learning Set is a small, confidential forum where each participant brings to the set an organisational task, problem, challenge or opportunity on which they intend to act.  Having presented the issue to the group, other participants pose questions and raise discussions which help the presenter create insight and options for action.  A structured process, supported by a skilled facilitator, is used to ensure everyone has personal 'air-time' as well as the opportunity to contribute to the learning of others.  It is through the experience of taking action on return to the workplace that promotes reflection, learning and personal development.  

What are the benefits?

  • Input from other Deputy Directors (or equivalent) in other roles who will challenge your thinking and offer a fresh perspective.
  • Development of your active listening and questioning skills to help others gain insight.
  • Exposure to a variety of new and different challenges in other institutions.
  • Consolidation of learning over a medium to long term period, rather than a one-off experience. 
  • A rare opportunity for time away from the office for deep thinking about pressing issues.
  • Development of a trusted network of peers who normally continue to share thinking long after the formal ‘end’ of the action set series. 

The next round of Action Learning Sets will start in November 2018.  For more details, click here for the full brief.  please contact Rachel

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