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Our e-learning platform offers a suite of free course to BUFDG members. You don't need a different username, password or any extra enrolment keys - if you have a BUFDG website account then you can access all of the free courses.


You will need a website account to access the e-learning - if you already have one, click the link below to login: 

Click here to login

If you do not have a website account and you are a member of staff from one of our member institutions, you have two options:

  1. If you would like a full website account which gives you access to all the website resources and discussion boards, then please register here.
  2. If you just wish to access the e-learning, then please visit the quick registration page where you can set up an account for accessing the e-learning.


We will be developing more courses over time, but here is the list of what is currently available:

  1. Introduction to HE Finance - a high level overview of higher education finance. It is broken down into smaller modules looking at BUFDG, the HE sector, where HE money comes from, how it is spent, governance and reporting.
  2. Introduction to Counter-Fraud - The BUFDG Counter-Fraud Working Group have produced a free, introductory Fraud-Awareness e-learning module, for use in Universities. The module takes about 30 minutes to complete. It covers topics such as; what is fraud, what is bribery, who might commit fraud and what can universities do about it.
  3. Criminal Finances Act 2017 - designed to help you understand what the Criminal Finances Act 2017 is, how it impacts universities and what you need to do to protect yourself, and support your HEI. This module should take about 20 minutes.
  4. Guide to Modern Slavery - an introduction to the legislation and what to look out for. Suitable for all staff
  5. Intro to HE Procurement - a high level overview of higher education procurement. It is broken down into smaller modules looking at the importance of effective procurement, the processes, competition issues and strategic issues.
  6. Protecting Human Rights in the Supply Chain - looks at the human rights issues faced by organisations and in particular in the supply chain. There are a series of detailed topics and a couple of quizzes to test your learning.
  7. The Bribery Act - we look at the Bribery Act 2010 and the key elements of the legislative changes. It covers compliance issues, fraud and corruption prevention and what this means for procurement.
  8. Supplier Due Diligence and Risk Management - procurement ethics, commercial risk management and engaging with key stakeholders.
  9. Spend Analysis - teaches you the why, what and how of spend analysis. You will learn about key tools, techniques and how to present to internal stakeholders.
  10. Cost Modelling - looks at cost models, the different types of approaches and the value chain.
  11. Intro to Sustainable Procurement - an introduction to sustainability in the world of procurement. It looks at the three pillars of sustainability, legislation requirements and what you can be doing differently in your institution.



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