Optimise value for money by understanding the impact investment decisions have on student experience, student recommendation and service effectiveness.

What you probably know:

Tribal’s Financial Benchmarking service has been used by universities globally for over 25 years to measure performance against sector-wide benchmarks and drive positive change. The service has always provided critical insight for strategic financial planning and resourcing decisions.

What you probably don’t know:

Now however, we are introducing a significant new service, Performance Benchmarking.

Performance Benchmarking combines the following two market-leading datasets to benchmark the relationship between financial investment and student experience.

  1. Tribal Financial Benchmarking
  2. i-graduate Student Barometer (student experience survey)

This combination helps universities to optimise value-for-money by understanding the impact investment decisions have on service effectiveness, the student experience, and students’ propensity to recommend the university.

The component services will still be available separately, but the integrated service gives university leaders a powerful management tool that:

  • Combines historically siloed data
  • Helps the institution model scenarios
  • Helps improve quality, student experience and resource allocation
  • Drives positive change through better informed decisions

We are currently discussing a 2021 Performance Benchmarking project with potentially interested universities.

To discuss the scope of the project and how your institution might participate, nominate Tribal Benchmarking as one of your BUFDG Conference networking meetings, or click here for further information.




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